The success of our flexible, client-order controlled operations is a result of:

  • the boundless enthusiasm for the interests of the client
  • the input of knowledge and talents of our employees and business partners
  • innovation of products and processes

The interests of clients are central in our thinking and actions. Everywhere in our company the client is mentioned by name; the client is more than an anonymous client number.
The machine park of LDM is organized according to flexibility, both in volume and in the mix. We supply a large bandwidth of alloys, sizes and forms within short delivery times. Production orders vary from a few hundred kilos to dozens of tons.
Our ISO 9001 certificate guarantees that the client is supplied according to specifications with a delivery reliability of more than 95%.

LDM is a knowledge-intensive company. The know-how and talent of all our employees is fully applied, whereby everybody has the right and duty to continue one’s education in the interest of the company. We work closely together with universities and research institutes and know the possibilities of our business partners.
LDM is the champion in the origin of Metal Valley in Drunen, a commercial and technological partnership between medium-sized metal-processing industries in the region.

The interests of our client are served by the continuous improvement and innovation of our products and the production process.
Changes in our process minimally result in improvements in the field of quality of safety, reduction of the cost price or reduction of the environmental burden.

The production includes the pre-treatment of raw materials, the foundry and the extrusion. The extrusion includes the moulding plant and the drawing department


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